Selcuk is the small, quiet town in Izmir province that serves as the gateway to Ephesus Ancient City, House of Virgin Mary, the Basilica of St. John, and the Temple of Artemis (Diana) making it ideal for an overnight stay. Let’s learn about transportation options from Kusadasi to Selcuk

How to get Selcuk from Kusadasi?

If you are in Kusadasi and want to go to Selcuk, you have two main options for getting there: public transportation by minibusses (Called Dolmus in Turkish) and private transportation by a yellow taxi.

Public Transportation to Selcuk from Kusadasi: Dolmus

Selcuk – Kusadasi Minibus

Firstly, there is public transportation to Selcuk from Kusadasi. You can reach Selcuk by minibuses from Kusadasi Town Centre Selcuk Minibus Stop located in Candan Tarhan Bulvari (Kusadasi – Selcuk Minibus Stop Location). Selcuk is 15 km away from Kusadasi town centre and can be reached 20 minutes by minibus.

Kusadasi – Selcuk Minibus Timetable

SeasonFirst MinibusLast MinibusFrequency
01 April – 31 September
07.0022.00Every 30minutes
1 October – 31 March
07.4520.30Every 45minutes

How to go to Selcuk Town Centre from Kusadasi

When you arrive at the minibus stop, you will use one of the white minibusses with Selcuk – Kusadasi written on it, pay 10 Turkish Lira (2021) to the participant and wait for your bus to arrive/fill up. The bus ride takes less than 20 minutes. You will know you have a stop as the bus driver has to shout “Selcuk Otogar”. Also, the last stop will be Selcuk Bus Terminal located in the town centre.

How to go to Ephesus Ancient City from Kusadasi

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Return to Kusadasi

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Kusadasi – Selcuk Dolmus: Hotel’s Stops

Labranda Hotel Ephesus

However, if you want to reach a hotel from Selcuk, the same minibus stops at the hotels below. On the other hand, you may want to stay in one of the hotels below and go to the centre of Kusadasi.

  • Adaland Aquapark & Dolphin Park
  • Alkoclar Adakule Hotel
  • Aqua Fantasy Aquapark & Hotel
  • Hedef Bey Hotel Resort & Spa
  • Korumar Ephesus Beach & Spa Resort
  • Kustur Holiday Club
  • Labranda Ephesus Princess
  • Palm Wings Ephesus Beach Resort
  • Pigale Family Club
  • Pinebay Holiday Resort
  • Ramada Resort
  • Richmond Ephesus Resort
  • Tusan Beach Resort

Private Transportation to Selcuk from Kusadasi: Taxi

Secondly, there is also a private transportation option. You can also reach Selcuk Town Centre or Ephesus Ancient City from Kusadasi by any yellow taxi cab stands on the road. The town is 15 km away from Kusadasi town center and can be reached in 20 minutes by taxi. Before you take a taxi, you can talk to the driver and agree on the cost of transportation. (In addition, the cost is approximately 100-120€ in 2023)

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