Christian Pilgrimage to Turkey Tour

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Tour Description

A pilgrimage is a special opportunity for people of faith to deepen their spiritual connection and make meaningful memories. However, it is essential to put in the effort to properly plan and prepare for the journey to ensure that it meets your expectations and fully reflects your intentions. That’s why our Pilgrimage Tour of Turkey is designed to provide an exceptional experience for travelers. With the help of our knowledgeable English-speaking guides, comfortable transportation, and top-notch accommodations and meals, you can fully immerse yourself in the rich history and culture of the region as the Bible comes to life before your eyes.

Christian Pilgrimage to Turkey Tour

Turkey is a country with a rich history and cultural heritage, making it a popular destination for Christian pilgrims seeking to deepen their faith and connect with their spiritual roots. Our Christian Pilgrimage Tour of Turkey offers an unparalleled opportunity to explore this beautiful and diverse country, visiting some of its most significant religious sites and landmarks.

The tour begins in Istanbul, a city that has played a crucial role in the history of Christianity. Here, pilgrims can visit landmarks such as the Hagia Sophia, a former cathedral and mosque that is now a museum, and the Blue Mosque, a stunningly beautiful mosque known for its intricate blue tiles. Pilgrims can also visit the Topkapi Palace, the former residence of the Ottoman sultans, and the Grand Bazaar, a bustling market filled with souvenirs and other local wares.

From Istanbul, the tour continues to the ancient city of Ephesus, which was an important center of early Christianity. Pilgrims can visit the ruins of the city, including the Temple of Artemis and the House of the Virgin Mary, which is believed to be the final resting place of Mary, the mother of Jesus.

The tour also includes a visit to the city of Troas, where pilgrims can explore the theater, the Temple of Athena, and the agora, as well as Alexandria Troas, a city that was visited by the apostle Paul during his travels. Pilgrims can also visit Bursa, home to the Grand Mosque and the Green Mausoleum, and Nicea, the site of two ecumenical councils in Christian history.

Throughout the tour, pilgrims will be guided by excellent English-speaking guides and will enjoy comfortable transportation, wonderful food, and top-notch accommodations. This tour is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to explore the rich history and cultural heritage of Turkey and deepen your faith in a meaningful and memorable way. So, don’t miss the opportunity and book your spot now!

Christianity in Turkey

The region of Anatolia in Turkey holds great historical and religious significance for Christians, as it was here that many of the events related to the life and ministry of the apostle Paul took place. On this tour, we will retrace the steps of Paul’s first journey by land, starting in his hometown of Tarsus in Cilicia and traveling through Antioch and Troas. Along the way, we will visit various archaeological sites and museums, where we can see the artifacts and remains that Paul would have encountered during his travels. As we visit these sacred places, Paul’s journey will come to life, allowing you to fully immerse yourself in the sights, sounds, tastes, and smells of the region and reflect on the enduring memories that will stay with you long after the tour ends. All the arrangements for this tour have been carefully planned to allow you to simply focus on the content and fully experience the journey. Don’t miss this unique opportunity to connect with your faith and explore the rich history of Anatolia.

Experience the roots of Christianity as we follow in the footsteps of the apostle Paul in Turkey, a country with more Biblical sites than any other. Turkey often referred to as the Second Holy Land, is home to over 60% of all the places mentioned in the Bible and played a significant role in the spread of the gospel through Paul’s ministry. This tour will take you to the Seven Churches of Revelation mentioned in the book of John, allowing you to connect with the early history of Christianity in a meaningful and personal way. Don’t miss this opportunity to explore this fascinating country and delve into the rich spiritual heritage it holds.

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The price listed is based on a per-person rate for a minimum of four adults participating in the tour. This indicates that if there are fewer or higher than four adults, the cost may be different. You can fill out the inquiry form to get your customized itinerary and rates.

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  • Turkey
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  • Adana
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  • Bergama
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  • Cappadocia
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  • Istanbul
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  • Kusadasi
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  • Pamukkale


Hagia Sophia
Blue Mosque
Topkapi Palace
Grand Bazaar
Spice Bazaar
Bosphorus Cruise
Goreme Open Air Museum
Kaymakli Underground City
House of Mary
Church of Peter
Saint Paul Church

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Istanbul Airports


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Hot Air Balloon Ride in Cappadocia
Quad Bike Safari in Cappadocia
Horse Back Riding in Cappadocia
Jeep Safari in Cappadocia
Private Photoshoot
Hot Air Balloon Ride in Pamukkale
Paragliding in Pamukkale

Tour Program

Day 1Istanbul – Arrival – Half Day Bosphorus Tour

Welcome to Turkey! Upon arrival at Istanbul Airport, you will be met by your guide and transferred to your hotel for check-in. After some rest, your tour of Istanbul will begin with a visit to the Spice Bazaar, a vibrant and colorful market filled with a wide variety of spices, herbs, and other local goods. Next, you will embark on a cruise along the Bosphorus, a beautiful strait that separates the European and Asian sides of Istanbul. After the tour, you will be transferred back to your hotel for an overnight stay.

Day 2Istanbul – Full Day Tour

After a delicious breakfast, we will embark on a guided tour of Istanbul, visiting some of the city’s most iconic landmarks including the Hippodrome, Topkapi Palace, Saint Sophia, and the Blue Mosque. These monuments represent the rich history of Istanbul, encompassing the Byzantine and Ottoman Empires. After the tour of the old city, we will transfer to the Grand Bazaar, one of the world’s largest and oldest covered markets. The Grand Bazaar is a popular tourist attraction, with over 250,000 to 400,000 visitors per day and a total area of 30,700 square meters, containing more than 4,000 stores. It is often considered one of the world’s first shopping malls and attracts over 91 million annual tourists. We will have free time at the bazaar before transferring back to our hotel for the night.

Day 3Istanbul – Pergamon

After breakfast, we will depart from the hotel and travel by road to the ancient city of Pergamon. Pergamon, also known as Pergamos or Pergamum, was the recipient of the third letter written by St. John to the churches of Asia Minor. This impressive city is renowned for its impressive Hellenistic city planning and has been described as the “most illustrious city of Asia” and a “royal city.” During our tour, we will have the opportunity to explore the rich history and cultural heritage of Pergamon. After the tour, we will transfer back to our hotel in Bergama for the night.

Day 4Sardis – Philadelphia – Pamukkale

After a nourishing breakfast, we will set off for Sardes, one of the Seven Churches mentioned by St. John in the New Testament. From Sardes, we will continue to Philadelphia, another important Christian congregation and a city founded in 2 BC by King Eumenes. Our journey will then take us to Pamukkale, where we will witness the stunning sunset over the petrified waterfalls. We will spend the night in Pamukkale.

Day 5Colossae – Laodicea – Kusadasi

Our day begins with a drive to Colossae, a city known for its role in the book of Colossians in the New Testament. Here, we will explore the Byzantine walls and other remaining ruins of the city. After lunch, we will continue our journey over the Taurus Mountains to Laodicea, one of the Seven Churches of Revelation mentioned in the book of Revelation and referenced by Paul in his letter to the Colossians. We will also visit the unexcavated site of Colossae, located on the foothills of Mount Honaz, where Paul wrote his letters to the Colossians and Philemon. Later in the day, we will visit Hierapolis before continuing on to Kusadasi for an overnight stay.

Day 6Thyatira – Ephesus – Virgin Mary – Smyrna

After a hearty breakfast, we will begin our journey to Thyatira, another one of the Seven Churches mentioned in the New Testament. According to the letters, the members of this church were praised for their resistance to libertarianism. From Thyatira, we will continue to Ephesus, where we will see the final resting place of the Virgin Mary and tour ancient Ephesus, including the old synagogue, the theater where St. Paul preached (Acts 10), and the Library of Celsus. In the afternoon, we will visit ancient Smyrna, the second of the seven Christian churches in Asia Minor addressed by St. John in the book of Revelation. We will also visit the remains of a basilica and other ruins from the Roman period in Thyatira. Our day will end with an overnight stay in Kusadasi.

Day 7Adana – Antioch – Church of Peter

After breakfast, we will drive to the airport in Antioch, a city with great historical and religious significance. It was here that the followers of Jesus were first called “Christians” and the city is home to the Church of Peter, a cave church believed to be the place where early Christians met in secret. We will also visit the Antakya Archaeological Museum, which houses one of the world’s finest collections of mosaics. We will spend the night in Adana.

Day 8St. Paul Cave Church – Cappadocia

After breakfast, we will embark on a journey to Tarsus, the hometown of the apostle Paul. Upon arrival, we will visit the only Catholic church dedicated to Paul in Tarsus. From Tarsus, we will continue to Cappadocia, where we will spend the night. Cappadocia is a region known for its unique geological formations and rich cultural history.

Day 9Cappadocia – Goreme Open Air Museum

After breakfast, we will embark on a tour of Cappadocia, visiting the Goreme Open Air Museum, Dervent Valley, and Pasabag Valley. After a lunch break, we will have the opportunity to go on a guided shopping tour, where you can learn about the ancient arts and crafts of Turkey, such as carpet weaving, leather manufacturing, and jewelry making. Our guide will ensure that you have a hassle-free shopping experience while gaining knowledge about the ancient craftsmen of Turkey. After the tour, we will be transferred back to our hotel in Cappadocia. The evening is free to spend as you wish.

Day 10Cappadocia – Kaymakli Underground City

After breakfast, we will visit the Kaymakli Underground City, one of the most fascinating sites in Cappadocia. These underground cities were used by early Christians to hide from the armies of Rome and the raids of hostile tribes, and were self-sufficient with rooms for storing crops, barns, kitchens, and ventilation channels. The second part of our Cappadocia Tour will include visits to Uchisar Castle, Avcilar, and Pigeon Valley. After the tour, we will be transferred back to our hotel in Cappadocia for the night.

Day 11Cappadocia – Departure

After a filling breakfast, it is time to say goodbye to Cappadocia and check out of the hotel. We will transfer to Kayseri Airport to catch our flight to Istanbul, where our tour will come to an end. Although the tour has come to a close, the memories of our journey through Turkey will stay with us forever.

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Tour FAQ

How can I change the tour itinerary?

Customizable itineraries where you may choose transport, stay & sightseeing as per your taste & comfort. The tour program listed is representative and may completely change to suit your wishes. Feel free to say hello to us!

What are the hotel options?

Hotels options are 4*, 5*, and 5*+. Only hotels with guest ratings of 4.5+/5 are used in our tours, and your accommodation satisfaction is our priority. You can also book your own hotel. Feel free to say hello to us! Our operation team will create a personalized tour plan as you wish.

I have already booked my hotel or don’t want accommodation.

You can stay in any hotel you want. If you let us know the hotel you want, we can create a package with accommodation in that hotel. But also, we can provide you with the package only for airport transfers and tours. Feel free to say hello to us! Our operation team will create a personalized tour plan as you wish.

What is the difference between Private and Regular SIC Tours?

Private tours only include your group, your guide, and your driver. We offer the most personalized and intimate experience for you and your friends/family in a private tour! Regular SIC tours stand for Seat-in-Coach Basis Tours, which means you will share an air-conditioned coach or van with other tourists and you will have an English-speaking tour guide to take you to all the scenic spots listed in the itinerary that day. While the prices of private tours may vary according to the number of people, the prices of regular tours are fixed.

What languages are available for tours?

Our private tours are operated in English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, and Japanese. Feel free to contact us for any other languages.

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