Ephesus: about two million people visit every year, and it is famous for being one of the best-preserved ancient cities in the world, housing significant historical ruins. It is also very close to holy places like Seven Sleepers and the House of the Virgin Mary. Especially, the House of The Virgin Mary. Let’s learn how to get to the Ancient City of Ephesus from Selcuk.

How to get Ephesus from Selcuk?

There are 3 ways to get to the Ancient City of Ephesus from Selcuk: by public transportation using a minibus, by private transportation using a yellow taxi, or by joining a tour. A Dolmus is a convenient and cost-effective way to get around the region.

Public Transportation to Ephesus from Selcuk: Ephesus Dolmus

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Selcuk – Efes – Pamucak Minibus

You can reach Ephesus by minibusses from Selcuk Bus Terminal located in the Selcuk district center (Selcuk Bus Terminal Location). Ephesus Ancient City is 3.5 km away from Selcuk town center and can be reached in 7 minutes by minibus.

When you arrive at the bus station, you will use one of the green or white minibusses with Selcuk – Pamucak written on it, pay 20 Turkish Lira (2023) to the participant and wait for your bus to arrive/fill up. The bus ride takes less than 7 minutes. You will know you have a stop as the bus driver has to shout “EFES”. Otherwise, look for the first stop in a large parking lot full of tourists.

Selcuk – Ephesus Dolmus Schedule

SeasonFirst MinibusLast MinibusFrequency
01 April – 31 September
08.0018.00Every 15minutes
1 October – 31 March
09.0017.00Every 20minutes

Important Notice & Return to Selcuk

After reaching Ephesus by minibus, you can enter The Ancient City of Ephesus from the lower gate tolls. After visiting The Ancient City of Ephesus, the exit is from the upper gate, but there is no public transportation to Selcuk from the upper gates. Therefore, you have to walk to the lower gate again in Ephesus, not exiting the upper gate toll booths. (If you are exiting the gate, you have to pay a fee to enter Ephesus again.) Alternatively, you can take a taxi from the taxi stop at the top gate to the minibus stop at the lower gate tolls or directly back to Selcuk.

As a result, starting the tour from the upper gate means less walking and getting tired. Below you will find a detailed explanation of taxi usage.

The taxi fare from the upper gate to the lower gate in Ephesus costs approximately 200 Turkish Liras (2023). You can find information about direct taxi transportation from Ephesus to Selcuk in the private transportation section of our article.

Private Transportation to Ephesus from Selcuk: Yellow Taxi

Selcuk Bus Terminal Cabstand – Selcuk Taxi

You can also reach Ephesus by taxi from Selcuk Bus Terminal Cabstand located in the Selcuk district center (Selcuk Bus Terminal Location). Ephesus Ancient City is 3.5 km away from Selcuk town center and can be reached in 5 minutes by taxi. When you arrive at the terminal cab stand, you can talk to the driver and agree on the cost of transportation. (The cost is approximately 40-50€ in 2023)

Important Notice & Return to Selcuk

A taxi can take you to Ephesus’s lower gate or upper gate. At this point, our advice is to go to the upper gate tolls of Ephesus. Because when you enter Ephesus from the upper gate, your trip to Ephesus towards the lower gate will be inclined downwards, and you will be less tired. As a result of starting the tour from the upper gate and leaving the lower gate, you can use the minibusses or retake a taxi from the lower gate of Ephesus and return to Selçuk. The taxi fare from the upper gate to Selcuk is approximately 30€ (2023)

After your visit to Ephesus, don’t forget to visit the House of Mary. Check our guide to visit House of Mary.

Visiting Ephesus Ancient City with a Tour

Ephesus Group Tours

Visiting the Ephesus Ancient City with an Ephesus Tour is a much better option than visiting on your own. Not only are these tours more cost-effective than taking a one-way taxi, but they also provide a more comprehensive and convenient experience. On a tour, you’ll have the opportunity to see not just the Ephesus Ancient City, but also the House of Virgin Mary and the Temple of Artemis (Diana) in one comprehensive eight-hour tour. This saves you the time and effort of having to visit each of these sites separately, which can be especially useful if you’re short on time. In addition, tours include the services of a knowledgeable guide who can provide insights and information about the sites you’re visiting, and offer pick-up and drop-off at your hotel for added convenience. Finally, don’t forget that the cost of entrance fees to these sites is often included in the price of the tour, saving you even more money. Overall, taking a tour of the Ephesus Ancient City is the best way to make the most of your visit and ensure that you have an enjoyable and memorable experience.

Final Conclusions

Trying to navigate the best way to get from Selcuk to Ephesus? Our travel specialists have got you covered. With years of experience planning trips to Ephesus, they have carefully weighed the benefits and drawbacks of each mode of transportation. Whether you want the most convenient route, the most budget-friendly option, or the fastest journey, we have a recommendation for you. Let us help you make an informed decision and take the stress out of planning your transportation.

What is the easiest way to get Ephesus from Selcuk?

The easiest way to get from Selcuk to Ephesus is by taking a yellow taxi, available at Selcuk Bus Terminal or hailed from the street. Safe, reliable and the journey takes about 20 minutes. It’s recommended to negotiate the price with the driver before starting the journey.

What is the cheapest way to get Ephesus from Selcuk?

The cheapest way to get from Selcuk to Ephesus is by taking a minibus/dolmus found at Selcuk Bus Terminal, the fare is 20 Turkish Lira and the journey takes less than 10 minutes.

Is it possible to walk Ephesus from Selcuk?

It is possible to walk the ancient city along a well-marked trail route that starts at the hospital junction in the middle of Selcuk. It takes about 45 minutes to reach. However, it is important to bring enough water and wear comfortable shoes as there is no market along the trail.

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